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 Mora, is inspired by the Night Hag, the fantasy creature from the folklore of many various cultures that is often used to explain the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. The Night Hag, also known as Mora, is said to appear as a demonic figure in the form of an old woman who is trying to steal the speech of the sleeper, often causing asphyxiation and mental paralysis. Taking this idea a bit further, "Mora" looks into the ways that one confronts their fears - do they remain paralysed and static or do they find a way to fight and conquer their fears?

Mora was recorded in Berlin, at Studio Erde and is the band’s first full length album. It consists of 7 songs, four of which are traditional Greek songs revisited in a respectful but innovative manner, while the remaining three are original compositions by the band.

cover photos: Aëla Labbé